English prevails in international trade, but only a few persons can speak fluently. It inevitably causes many dysfunctions and interferences in your business.

Have you ever had any problems with your subcontractors or suppliers due to misunderstanding, causing delay in your orders and a risk to loose a client?

In order to bring an answer to these problems, SpeDoc has specialized in creating technical multilingual documents "made to measure".

SpeDoc will study your requests so as to provide your company the specific solutions it deserves, thanks to its partnership with experienced translators, graphic designers and computer technicians.

Ask for a quotation for any kind of personalized technical document in multilingual version. SpeDoc will put its expertise in satisfying your requests and will bring you the linguistic tools necessary to your expansion. Each order will receive constant and exclusive attention and careful work. We commit ourselves to live up to your requests and to offer you excellency and quality of service within the time allowed.

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