SpeDoc is also specialized in publishing and selling technical documents.
SpeDoc's first creation is the Technical Dictionary of Jewellery (French-English/English-French), which is intended to:

- professionals in their international exchanges
- apprentices and students of the various jewellery branches
- collectors, passionates and curious persons

This technical dictionary defines and translates more than 600 words of the vocabulary regarding jewellery in a large way:

- jewels
- materials (metals, minerals, spare parts...)
- tools
- techniques
- specific terms used in jewellery, clock-making and gemmology

This new practical and economical tool will simultaneously bring you the information of two dictionaries. Each part includes the definition of a word and its translation, as simply as looking in a common dictionnary.

Example of definitions:

Tool representing a length and used as a standard measure to which manufactured goods must conform. In jewellery, many different gauges are used; each one has a specific use. Here is a list of different gauges:

Bracelet gauge Calibre de bracelet
Finger-ring gauge Calibre de bague
Gauge for metal Calibre pour métal
Gauge for stones Calibre pour pierres
Leveridge gauge Calibre leveridge
MOE diamond gauge Calibre MOE pour diamants
Pearl gauge Calibre pour perles
Slide gauge Calibre à coulisse

Le rutile est un oxyde de titane, et un important MINERAI de titane. On le trouve sous forme d’INCLUSIONS en aiguilles noires à brun rougeâtre dans des cristaux à large structure, et dorées ou orangées (les cheveux de Vénus) dans les cristaux à fine structure. Les microscopiques inclusions de rutile dans le QUARTZ, la TOURMALINE, le RUBIS ou d’autres PIERRES FINES, produisent des effets de lumière et des ASTÉRISMES en forme d’ŒIL-DE-CHAT ou d’étoile.


The Technical Dictionary of Jewellery will ease your commercial discussions, reduce the misunderstandings generated by foreign languages, and will widen your knowledge on the terminology distinctive to this Art.

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